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I am Kalvin Pearce

Brisbane based Senior Software Developer

After completing a Bachelor of Games Development in early 2018, I have worked multiple jobs in gamification and software development. I have gathered a vast range of technical skills focusing around the Unity game engine and have participated in many development projects outside of work, such as game jams and side projects.

What I Do

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After many years of professional experience, Unity is a technology I am extremely comfortable with. I have built many things in it ranging from small games to large scale simulation projects. I have been lucky to use a lot of the latest packages for work projects and so I have gained great experience with things like ECS and HDRP.

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I have used Node for many different types of projects both in personal and professional settings. For example backend servers, desktop applications, utility scripts, in house tools, etc. Over the course of a few years, TypeScript has quickly become my favorite language to use as I feel it has a great deal of flexibility with reletively simple code.

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Given my experience with NodeJs, I try to stay well versed and up to date in the JavaScript/Web ecosystem. I have tried a bunch of different UI frameworks but mainly use React. Although my UX design skills have a lot room for improvement, I spend a decent part of my spare time honing in skills in this area.

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Early on in University I found a passion in creating exciting visual effects. Through my career so far, my experience in shaders has been extremely useful, not just in acheiving a desired look in game projects but also using shaders to compute things that would be far too expensive for a CPU.

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When I first heard about Flutter I was very excited to try it out. The idea that from a single code base you could create an application for so many platforms made me think it would be a very valuable technology to learn. Although I am not too strong with Dart yet, I am very glad to have Flutter in my toolbelt if the need ever arises.

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I was recommended Rust as "the benifits of C without the headache" and although that was only somewhat correct, it has been a language I have really enjoyed learning so far. The ecosystem reminds me a lot of JavaScript but the langueage is extremely powerful and so much safety baked in that it gives me a lot of confidence when using it.