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A screenshot of the Resonance game

It's 2020, and the future is darker than we ever contemplated. You and many others have been locked away in automated internment camps. To the rest of the world you no longer exist, forgotten, cast aside, never to be seen again. Your crime? Exposing corruption at the highest levels of the government. But your time in Camp 17 may now be over. If you're smart. If you're fast. If you're stealthy. Sneak out and obtain one of the Remote Diagnostic Tools. Use it to tune into the frequency and phase of the motion sensors, cameras and door locks. Slip by the cameras and motion sensors by matching their signal. Unlock doors by tuning into their signal. Go fast. Go quiet. Escape.

PlatformWindows & Mac
ToolsUnity, C#, Git, BitBucket, GitLab, VS Code, Hack'n'Plan, Wwise
Development Time48 Hours (Game Jam)
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