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Where The Heart Is

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As time goes on, we grow out of the places we were raised up in and into new ones. When another house doesn't suit us anymore, like a Hermit Crab, we need to find another. So much changes between houses. In a strange new environment, the new shapes, colours, sights and sounds are foreign to us. However, home isn't just about the walls, ceiling and floor, but about the possessions we decorate them with. The photos we take, the posters of our favourite movies, and our favourite books travel with us through the decades. Even though our beds change, and furniture comes and goes, the house wouldn't feel "homely" without these items. Where the Heart Is is a game about turning houses into homes, using your possessions to create something truly "homely".

ToolsUnity, C#, Git, GitHub, VS Code, Hack'n'Plan
Development Time7 Weeks part-time (equivalent of 1 week full-time)
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